Symphony of Blockchains

2018年 1月 29日 Rouska Lundin 4 分で読めます

Symphony of Blockchains - Input Output

The Symphony of Blockchains is an interactive, visual and auditory exploration of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency and the blockchain. It is an ongoing research initiative with a singular aim: to help bring about greater understanding of both blockchain technology and the ever expanding (and contracting) cryptocurrency marketplace. The term ‘blockchain’ is being increasingly found in…

On the Ouroboros Design: How rigour and engineering are essential for critical infrastructure

2018年 1月 11日 Prof Aggelos Kiayias 7 分で読めます

On the Ouroboros Design- How rigour and

A blog post on the Steemit website appeared recently making a number of claims regarding Ouroboros. The article contains several factual inaccuracies. For instance, it is claimed that “DPOS” in the Ouroboros paper stands for “delegated proof of stake”, while in fact, DPOS means “dynamic proof of stake”, or that the protocol requires a "2/3+" ratio of parties being honest, while…

The hotel that became the world’s first business to accept Ada

I visited Hotel Ginebra in Barcelona to stay a night and meet the manager

2018年 1月 5日 Olga González 7 分で読めます

The hotel that became the world’s first business to accept Ada - Input Output

The hotel that became the world’s first business to accept Ada

Hotel Ginebra is a boutique hotel in Catalunya Square, which if you have visited Barcelona you will know is a prime location in the heart of the city. Guests can wake up in the morning to a great view of the city, but what they may not know is that the hotel has earned its place in history. It recently became the first business in the world to accept Ada, the Cardano…

Telescopic Proof Refinement

2018年 1月 2日 Rebecca Valentine 12 分で読めます

Telescopic Proof Refinement - Input Output

Telescopic Proof Refinement

In the third post in this series (part 1, part 2) on proof refinement, I'm going to show you how to properly handle bidirectionality in an elegant way. The technique we'll use is the replacement of lists and functions with a data structure called a telescope. This post will use Haskell exclusively, because of the limitations of JavaScript in presenting these things elegantly. I…

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever

2017年 12月 28日 Charles Hoskinson 7 分で読めます

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever - Input Output

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever

Now that the dust has settled after travelling to more than 20 countries, dozens of conferences, major events and community meet and greets this year, I’ve finally had the time to reflect on the progress of the Cardano project as well as some of the lessons I’ve learned. It’s honestly been the most challenging year of my life, filled with drama, stress, death and some…