A major brand refresh for Cardano *

How IOHK Creative redesigned the brand with form following function

2018年 6月 7日 Richard Wild 9 分で読めます

A major brand refresh for Cardano *

In January, Charles Hoskinson messaged to say he’d come across an online video that he wanted us to check out. I took a look at the link he sent, and found that it was indeed eye catching. A cryptocurrency fan had studied Cardano, and had made an animation of its development history. The data visualisation showed each piece of Cardano code appear on the screen as a brightly…

Semi-Formal Development: The Cardano Wallet

2018年 6月 4日 Edsko de Vries 17 分で読めます

Semi-Formal Development: The Cardano Wallet

Please note: this post originally appeared on the Well-Typed blog.

TL;DR: A combination of formal modelling and testing using QuickCheck is a powerful tool in the design and implementation of high assurance software. Consistency of the model can be checked by testing invariants, and the real implementation can be tested by comparing it against the model.

As part of our consulting work for IOHK, Well-Typed have been working with IOHK on the design and implementation of the new version of the Cardano cryptocurrency wallet. As a crucial component of this process, we have written a semi-formal specification of the wallet: a mathematical model of the wallet along with…

Vision for blockchain in Africa is becoming a reality

Ethiopia and Rwanda keen to realise promise of the technology

2018年 5月 29日 John O'Connor 7 分で読めます

Vision for blockchain in Africa is becoming a reality - Input Output

The hope of bringing the benefits of blockchain to Africa has been around even longer than IOHK itself. Founder Charles Hoskinson talked about the promise of the technology driving financial inclusion on the continent in a TEDx speech in 2014. The vision encouraged me to join the Cardano project. This month, IOHK signed an MoU with the Ethiopian government to train and hire…

First Cardano smart contracts testnet launches

KEVM software supports applications that run on Ethereum Virtual Machine

2018年 5月 28日 Gerard Moroney 3 分で読めます

The first Cardano smart contracts testnet launches today, the KEVM testnet, a correct by construction version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) specified in the K framework. This technology, produced by Runtime Verification with the support of IOHK, is the first time that a complete formal semantics of the EVM have been produced. This is an important first in cryptocurrency…

Ouroboros Praos presented at leading cryptography conference, Eurocrypt

Proof-of-stake protocol offers same security guarantees as Bitcoin

2018年 5月 17日 Jane Wild 4 分で読めます

In the area of blockchain research proof of stake has long posed many questions for cryptographers and the subject has been of primary importance for IOHK researchers over the past two years. Professor Aggelos Kiayias, Chief Scientist at IOHK, has led work with a team of cryptographers to formalise a family of protocols called Ouroboros. It is a great distinction for their…