Why we are building Cardano

2017年 7月 10日 Charles Hoskinson 3 分で読めます

Why we are building Cardano - Input Output

Why we are building Cardano

I’m delighted to announce the release of Why Cardano, a document explaining the philosophy behind the design and development of Cardano. Publishing this is a key milestone for the project and I hope it helps with explaining why we are building Cardano. The document is fully translated to Japanese, Chinese and Korean, also join the community by visiting Cardano community social…

Blockchain in Ukraine

2017年 7月 7日 Jeremy Wood 4 分で読めます

Blockchain in Ukraine - Input Output

A magnificent view across the Black Sea from a sunny rooftop terrace in Odessa – it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful location for a blockchain conference. Guests and speakers from more than 20 countries were at the fifth Blockchain Incredible Party, BIP001, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain event in eastern Europe. The event started only two years ago but has already…

Proof-of-stake protocol, Ouroboros, at Crypto 17

2017年 6月 19日 Jeremy Wood 3 分で読めます

Proof-of-stake protocol, Ouroboros, at Crypto 17 - Input Output

Proof-of-stake protocol, Ouroboros, at Crypto 17

I am delighted to see the recent news coverage about the Ouroboros paper being accepted to Crypto 17, the most prestigious cryptography event of the year. No other blockchain protocol, apart from Bitcoin, has achieved this level of academic peer review. This is recognition from the academic community that this paper is a serious contribution to cryptography, in being the first…

A solution for scalable randomness

SCRAPE can handle far more users than previous solutions and can be applied to blockchain protocols, electronic voting, anonymous instant messaging and more

2017年 6月 6日 Bernardo David 7 分で読めます

A solution for scalable randomness - Input Output

A solution for scalable randomness

It is well known that randomness is a fundamental resource for secure cryptographic schemes. All common encryption and authentication schemes are only as secure as their randomness sources are good. Using a poor randomness source can basically render insecure every cryptographic scheme that would otherwise be secure. In many cases, it is sufficient to have a trustworthy local…

Team Grothendieck move closer to ETC goal

Working on the code in Argentina

2017年 5月 22日 Jeremy Wood 6 分で読めます

Team Grothendieck move closer to Ethereum Classic goal - Input Output

Team Grothendieck move closer to ETC goal

It took a little longer than expected but I finally made the trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact, I'm standing at a work desk by the window in Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight back to Dublin. I'm enjoying a gloriously sunny day here through the wall of glass. 

It was another productive trip, a lot has happened since the Team Grothendieck trips to Poland and St Petersburg. In our work to build a Scala client for Ethereum Classic there has been a lot of code written, a lot of understanding gained, and a couple of milestones reached: we now have the ability to download and execute blocks of transactions from the ETC chain. We have also evolved a lot as a…