Ethereum Classic community comes together at successful Hong Kong summit

Principles and plans for growth unite participants at event organised by Grayscale

2017年 11月 22日 Jeremy Wood 10 分で読めます

Ethereum Classic community comes togeth

Since day one, Ethereum Classic has been driven by principles. What began as a disparate group of people who came together after the DAO hack and the consequent hard fork on Ethereum has now become a strong and growing community, united by a belief in immutability and that code is law. So it was tremendously exciting to see everyone gather at the first Ethereum Classic Summit…

Writing a High-Assurance Blockchain Implementation

Guest blog from Edsko de Vries, who is working on the high assurance implementation of the Ouroboros blockchain protocol

2017年 11月 3日 Edsko de Vries 9 分で読めます

Writing a High-Assurance Blockchain Implementation - Input Output

Writing a High-Assurance Blockchain Implementation

In our previous blog post Cryptocurrencies need a safeguard to prevent another DAO disaster we discussed the need for high assurance development of cryptocurrencies and their underlying blockchain protocols. We also sketched one way in which one might go about this, but we did not give much detail. In this follow-up blog post we delve into computer science theory a bit more…

Introducing the Cardano roadmap

Next steps of development are charted ahead of further information releases

2017年 10月 31日 Charles Hoskinson 9 分で読めます

Introducing the Cardano roadmap - Input Output

Introducing the Cardano roadmap

Cardano has been an incredibly challenging and fun project to work on involving many teams throughout the world with different skills and opinions on design, process and quality. Our core technology team consists of Well Typed, Serokell, Runtime Verification, Predictable Network Solutions and ATIX, with IOHK leading them. Then we have external auditors such as Grimm, RPI Sec…

Designing a new virtual machine and universal language framework

Guest blog from Professor Rosu explains the work being done in a partnership between Runtime Verification and IOHK

2017年 10月 26日 Grigore Rosu 8 分で読めます

Designing a new virtual machine and universal language framework - Input Output

Designing a new virtual machine and universal language framework

The IELE and K team Mathematical rigor and good design of programming languages and underlying virtual machines are critical for the success of blockchain technologies and applications. Indeed, decades of accumulated evidence show that formal techniques and their early adoption in the design of computing systems can significantly increase the safety, security and dependability…

How Cardano's transaction fees work

The mathematician working on the protocol's incentives explains the research and IOHK's design

2017年 10月 19日 Lars Brünjes 4 分で読めます

How Cardano's transaction fees work - Input Output

How Cardano's transaction fees work

Why do we need transaction fees?

There are two main reasons why transaction fees are needed for a cryptocurrency like Cardano:

People who run full Cardano nodes spend time, money and effort to run the protocol, for which they should be compensated and rewarded. In contrast to Bitcoin, where new currency is created with each mined block, in Cardano, transaction fees are the only…