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Bool Network: An Open, Distributed, Secure Cross-chain Notary Platform

September/2022, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security


With the advancement of blockchain technology, hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been deployed. The bloom of heterogeneous blockchain platforms brings a new emerging problem: typically, various blockchains are isolated systems, how to securely identify and/or transfer digital properties across blockchains? There are three main kinds of cross-chain approaches: sidechains/relays, notaries, and hashed time-lock contracts. Among them, notary-based cross-chain solutions have the best compatibility and user-friendliness, but they are typically centralized. To resolve this issue, we present Bool Network – an open, distributed, secure cross-chain notary platform powered by MPC-based distributed key management over evolving hidden committees. More specifically, to protect the identities of the committee members, we propose a Ring verifiable random function ( Ring VRF ) protocol, where the real public key of a VRF instance can be hidden among a ring, which may be of independent interest to other cryptographic protocols. Furthermore, all the key management procedures are executed in the TEE, such as Intel SGX, to ensure the privacy and integrity of partial key components. A prototype of the proposed Bool Network is implemented in Rust language, using Polkadot Substrate.