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Unlocking more opportunities with PlutusV3

PlutusV3 will elevate the developer experience by improving smart contract adoption, bringing support for governance and voting features, and fostering interoperability between blockchains

12 February 2024 Olga Hryniuk 5 mins read

Unlocking more opportunities with PlutusV3

PlutusV3, now available for testing on SanchoNet, introduces advanced Plutus primitives and so provides more tools for developers and unlocks more possibilities for writing smart contracts.

Improved developer experience and smart contract adoption are critical to the flourishing smart contract landscape on Cardano. Over the past year, the emergence and growth of a host of community-built developer tooling and alternative languages have added significantly to developer options and the vibrancy of the Cardano builder ecosystem. To continue building out capability, the Plutus and cryptography teams at Input Output Global…