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Our million-dollar baby: Project Catalyst

The next Catalyst funding round will be our most accessible and ambitious round of funding yet

12 February 2021 Dor Garbash 3 mins read

Our million-dollar baby: Project Catalyst

We launched Project Catalyst six months ago as a series of experiments to advance on-chain governance and accelerate community-driven innovation on Cardano. The project seeks to achieve the highest levels of community collaboration and to seed the best ideas with development funding via a community-moderated process. Community, innovation, funding, value, growth – Catalyst…

Decentralizing social media: a conversation with Ben Goertzel and Charles Hoskinson

The minds behind SingularityNET and Cardano come together to explore a vision of the future of decentralization, AI, and social media.

5 February 2021 Eric Czuleger 57 mins read

At the end of 2020, we announced our collaboration with SingularityNET, in an exclusive fireside chat between Charles Hoskinson and SingularityNET founder & CEO, Ben Goertzel. 

SingularityNET recently shared further information on the partnership when they announced their exciting Phase Two initiative, which includes a shift from Ethereum to Cardano, to achieve new network…

Native tokens to bring new utility to life on Cardano

Users will soon be able to create their own on-chain tokens for transactions on Cardano

4 February 2021 Tim Harrison 5 mins read

Native tokens to bring new utility to life on Cardano

Portrait of Mary Shelley by Richard Rothwell (1800-1868)

The Goguen rollout continues with another key building block in Cardano’s evolution into a decentralized, multi-asset (MA) smart contract platform. The Goguen ‘Mary’ update – named after author Mary Shelley – introduces the ability to create user-defined tokens. These custom tokens will be ‘native’, so they can be…

Plutus Tx: compiling Haskell into Plutus Core

Get to the heart of writing smart contract applications on Cardano

2 February 2021 Michael Peyton Jones 9 mins read

Plutus Tx: compiling Haskell into Plutus Core

Last week saw the release of the refreshed version of the Plutus Playground. This is our showcase for the Plutus Platform, at the heart of which is the ability to write smart contract applications in a single, high-level language: Haskell. 

Our toolchain allows a single Haskell program to produce not only an executable file that users can run on their own computers, but also the…

Introducing the new Plutus Playground

Developers are invited to test out our improved smart contract tools before full release

25 January 2021 Olga Hryniuk 4 mins read

Introducing the new Plutus Playground

Goguen is Cardano’s development theme that focuses on utility, smart contract support, and native token issuance. While delivering it as a system of interactive components, we are gradually adding all the building blocks to add smart contracts to the Cardano platform.

Goguen brings native token support along with Plutus and Marlowe to help develop the smart contracts that are essential to establishing a global, decentralized financial system. To lay the groundwork, we have introduced transaction metadata, upgraded the ledger to support token locking (which is essential for complex smart contracts), and will soon deploy native token