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Smart contracts language for Cardano launches at PlutusFest

Plutus Platform is developed by a world-leading team

11 December 2018 Prof Philip Wadler 4 mins read

Smart contracts language for Cardano launches at PlutusFest

Today IOHK releases Plutus Platform, a smart contracts language for the Cardano blockchain. You can try out Plutus online, with no need to download or install anything, via Plutus Playground. Plutus Platform is open source. You can find code, documentation, and sources here. IOHK is unique among cryptocurrency companies for its insistence on basing its development on peer…

Simplicity and Michelson

A programming language that is too simple

9 December 2017 Prof Philip Wadler 10 mins read

Simplicity and Michelson - Input Output


Only once in my life have I encountered a programming language that was too simple to use. That was Lispkit Lisp, developed by Peter Henderson, Geraint Jones, and Simon Jones, which I saw while serving as a postdoc at Oxford, 1983–87, and which despite its simplicity was used to implement an entire operating system. It is an indightment of the field of programming…