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What is our release strategy for Cardano?

A new development approach from IOHK engineers will bring benefits to users

1 December 2017 Jeremy Wood 4 mins read

What is our release strategy for Cardano - Input Output

What is our release strategy for Cardano?

Since the release of mainnet, IOHK engineers have not only started work planning the new features of Shelley, the next big release, but have also been evolving the way they work. The biggest change is that the team developing Cardano will follow a new release cycle where updates are more regularly made to the live software. This is now possible because we have the foundation of…

Ethereum Classic community comes together at successful Hong Kong summit

Principles and plans for growth unite participants at event organised by Grayscale

22 November 2017 Jeremy Wood 10 mins read

Ethereum Classic community comes togeth

Since day one, Ethereum Classic has been driven by principles. What began as a disparate group of people who came together after the DAO hack and the consequent hard fork on Ethereum has now become a strong and growing community, united by a belief in immutability and that code is law. So it was tremendously exciting to see everyone gather at the first Ethereum Classic Summit…

Cardano help desk tour arrives in Tokyo

Customer service team reach last of five Japanese destinations

12 October 2017 Jeremy Wood 6 mins read

Cardano help desk tour arrives in Tokyo - Input Output

Cardano help desk tour arrives in Tokyo

The launch of Cardano brings to an end an exciting first phase of development for us at IOHK, after more than a year spent planning and developing the technology. Now we’ve handed the product over to users and they are getting to know how it works. Using new software can be tricky – some people won’t need any help, but there will be those who need a little assistance. To make…

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release

A command line interface client for the ETC community

8 August 2017 Jeremy Wood 4 mins read

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release - Input Output

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release

We are excited to announce that there is now an Ethereum (ETH) client built specifically for the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community. The release of this beta client, Mantis, will take place today and is the culmination of seven months of work by the Grothendieck Team, the IOHK developers dedicated to Ethereum Classic. There are three reasons for the client. First, IOHK wants to…

Blockchain in Ukraine

7 July 2017 Jeremy Wood 4 mins read

Blockchain in Ukraine - Input Output

A magnificent view across the Black Sea from a sunny rooftop terrace in Odessa – it’s hard to imagine a more beautiful location for a blockchain conference. Guests and speakers from more than 20 countries were at the fifth Blockchain Incredible Party, BIP001, a leading cryptocurrency and blockchain event in eastern Europe. The event started only two years ago but has already…