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Not long till 'd' (=0) day

We are fast approaching full decentralization of block production on Cardano. It's a good time to reflect on the network’s evolution

4 March 2021 Colin L Edwards 8 mins read

Not long till 'd' (=0) day

At the end of March, we’ll reach another milestone for Cardano when we’ll see d, the parameter that governs what percentage of transactions are processed by the genesis nodes, get to zero. At this point, responsibility for block generation will be fully decentralized. In other words, Cardano’s network of 1,800+ community pools will be solely responsible for producing blocks.

D=0 day will be a landmark moment in Cardano's continuing journey. When we deployed the Shelley update back in July 2020, d was set to an initial 1.0, meaning that every block was produced by IOHK’s network of federated nodes. Of course, this was the antithesis of…