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George Agapov

Cardano SL Core Developer
Team Serokell

Saint Petersburg, Russia

George Agapov is a software engineer from Saint Petersburg, Russia. Currently, he is doing his Computer Science master’s degree at ITMO University. In parallel with studying he acquired 5 years’ experience of industrial programming, working with Web technologies, networking, creating software for financial industry (ForEx brokerage and backoffice). Having good experience with Haskell from university and being adept at functional programming, George joined IOHK (Serokell) team in 2016.

He is a highly energetic person, has well-trained managerial skills, and a wide knowledge base.

In his free time George’s interests include literature, classical & hip-hop music, fine arts. He is going to become a writer some day — probably after having been satisfied with a career of a world-class developer/businessman.