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Dmitry Kovanikov

Cardano SL Core Developer
Team Serokell

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Dmitry Kovanikov is studying in his first year of master’s degree in Computer Science at University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University). Previously, he worked at JetBrains on REPL for Kotlin programming language, and at Yandex in microservices architecture development. He had been using Python and Java before joining Serokell in 2016, where he fell in love with Haskell and started using this amazing tool in enterprise development. Dmitry is lecturing on Functional Programming in Haskell course at ITMO University with Arseniy Seroka, and teaches a Compilers & Interpreters course by his own. He’s interested in new programming languages, technologies and ideas (such as Idris, Dependent types, Supercompilers) which help develop better and more robust software.

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