Scorex is an open-source project that aims to speed up research and development of blockchains

IOHK supported project

The key feature of Scorex is its modular architecture that allows users to easily choose and combine (1) consensus protocols (2) transactional structures with a (3) networking infrastructure. Scorex consists of a core and various modules that complement the core. All components are built with flexibility, elegance and performance in mind.

Scorex contains a variety of existing blockchain solutions as well experimental prototypes that can be combined in order to build an experimental or production-ready cryptocurrency. Scorex makes the process from design of a cryptocurrency to its implementation much shorter and efficient.

Scorex is intended to be a foundation for the building of blockchain systems. The developers are in contact with researchers who are working on improved blockchain technologies so that bright ideas can be immediately incorporated into Scorex.

What are the goals of Scorex?

The aim of Scorex is to be performant, easy to expand but also safe against all known attacks on blockchains.

The developers will add more functionality to Scorex, improve the code’s test coverage, improve the performance and of the networking layer and safeguard the networking layer against DDoS attacks.

There is currently a public testnet running with Permacoin as its consensus protocol. More such testnets are planned for the future.

How can I get involved with Scorex?

Get the source code, read the wiki and join our mailing list Scorex is published under the totally free CC0 public domain license, so you can do anything with its source code and build anything on top of it without any limitations.

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