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Serge Kosyrev

Serge Kosyrev
  • Software Engineer
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Serge has diverse software engineering experience — from MIPS, x86 assembly, and Linux kernel maintenance to building high-level declarative systems in Common Lisp and Haskell.

After studying at the NRU of Electronic Technology, Moscow, he went to Elvees to develop an embedded toolchain and to port the Linux kernel to a mixed DSP+RISC SoC. During his time there he developed a taste for using Common Lisp to marry declarative specifications to executable code.

He moved on to Positive Technologies, initially assisting with knowledge preservation (transpilers), and finally leading the company's four-year effort to develop a secure endpoint based on separation kernel principles (think Qubes OS), where he tried (and failed) to evangelize the use of safe languages in general and Haskell in particular. He is perpetually fascinated with making general knowledge interaction less painful than it is today.

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Serge Kosyrev