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Decentralized Proof-of-Burn Auction for Secure Cryptocurrency Upgrade

November/2023, Blockchain: Research and Applications


We propose a new approach for a secure decentralized and censorless upgrade of existing cryptocurrencies to newly created tokens without interaction from any external information sources (oracles). The proposed scheme is based on burning of existing cryptocurrencies tokens and implemented via the multi-currency auction. The auction is carried out on the blockchain of the new token and implemented using a smart-contract that processes participants' bids of burnt tokens of other cryptocurrencies and supports a new token price discovery algorithm for each cryptocurrency with no oracles or any other trusted source of information. Contrary to traditional ways of getting the new asset, like centralized and decentralized exchanges, etc., our method requires no user registration (as well as no KYC – “know your customer” procedure that requires obligatory client identification) and provides a predicted supply level of the new asset for an adequate price within a model with economically rational participants. We provide the results of decentralized auction simulations implemented for several strategies of user behavior (based on bid prices with normal and log-normal distribution laws), both under the normal operation and in the presence of adversary who follows specific strategies.