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Determining the provenance of food, medications and high-value items is of critical importance to eliminate fraud, protect customer safety and maintain corporate reputation.

Blockchain technology has emerged as a viable method to support all the stakeholders along the supply chain: farmers, producers, hauliers, and retailers can use blockchain for product certification and traceability, from farm to table. It allows large companies visibility over their supply chain. Importantly, it also supports small producers by improving the provenance of their goods, allowing them greater control over pricing and terms & conditions.

IOHK offers blockchain-based solutions to bring transparency and trust to the entire supply chain, from the point of production to the market, to ensure legitimacy, safety and end to end traceability.

IOHK's solution, Atala TRACE, empowers brand owners to improve visibility and control of their supply chain, drive greater sustainability, and directly engage and foster trust with their partners and customers.

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Product authentication

Global supply chains, and the relative anonymity of the internet, has become a fertile ground for counterfeiting. Fake medications, luxury items, collectibles, and even art have flooded worldwide markets. Big brands continue to fight a rearguard action against this insidious enemy, but it's getting worse. For example, counterfeit luxury products account for about $3tn globally; bad for brands and bad for the customer who needs to know their purchase is authentic.

And worryingly, some 10% of all drugs in circulation are counterfeit, accounting for a trading volume worth around $200 billion annually. Fake or substandard medicines are manufactured and sold completely outside any medical governance or oversight, sometimes with deadly results.

Atala SCAN leverages blockchain technology to offer a solution to this problem: A tamper-proof system to establish product provenance and auditability to ensure every product sold is certifiably original.

By offering traceable and authentic products, businesses can protect their brand reputation and revenues, while delivering goods that meet consumers' high quality standards. Blockchain offers an effective method to fight against counterfeiting by using the technology's native traits of transparency and decentralization, and a tamper-proof environment.

With Atala SCAN, brands can deploy a customisable mobile application that allows consumers to authenticate a product, giving them instant peace of mind via a simple, seamless user experience.

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Digital Identity

Identity lies at the heart of the human condition. It is who we are, and this is as true in the digital domain as it is in the real world.

Every individual should have control over their own identity at all times. But current centralized solutions mean that this confidential information sits in databases and servers entirely outside an individual's domain, under corporate or governmental control rather than with the individual themselves.

For business and the governmental sector, centralized identity systems can be costly and present significant business risks. Data breaches cause reputational damage, cost trillions of dollars each year, and require businesses to comply with a myriad of data and privacy regulations.

IOHK's digital identity solution, Atala PRISM, offers a decentralized alternative to the issue of digital identity, empowering the individual to control, own, and verify their credentials anytime, anywhere. It leverages blockchain to give the individual back control and ownership of their own credentials, creating a digital identity that they can share when and with whom they want, via their mobile phone.

Built on Cardano blockchain technology Atala PRISM delivers a secure and trusted way to interact with the world around you, and a way for enterprises and authorities to save money and reduce business risks with true serverless solutions. Engineered to be secure and offer regulatory compliance. By design.

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Verified credentials

Credentials issuance and verification can be cumbersome for businesses and institutions, and clunky for their customers. Often it is centralized and under the control of certain agencies and organizations, some of which use archaic, paper-based management solutions. This is costly, inefficient, insecure and unsustainable.

IOHK's credentials solution, Atala PRISM provides the infrastructure for verifying credentials in a more secure, reliable and convenient way, enabling businesses to instantly verify digital records without the need for third party agencies. Atala PRISM is lightweight, secure, and regulatory compliant by design. It builds customer trust and confidence by enabling them to manage and control how their data is used.

This solution enables the individual to have total control over their own credentials, and visibility as to how their personal data is handled, and who it’s shared with.

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Consultancy & Custom solutions

Procedural inefficiencies. Too many manual workarounds. Poor governance. Limited transparency. High costs. Potential for fraud, and data breaches. These are some of the major problems of centralized structures and archaic management procedures.

Almost every sector can benefit from the transformative force that is blockchain.

IOHK harnesses this force to create custom, innovative, research-driven solutions for every sector, with a broad range of consultancy services and custom solutions to help power that transformation.

After assessing your goals, evaluating your needs and the problems you want to solve, we’ll enlist our business and engineering experts to scope out a solution. From creating technical specifications and engineering, to deployment and ongoing operations, we can help you drive business transformation and positive change.

Learn how a custom blockchain solution can transform your business.

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