Telescopic Proof Refinement

2 January 2018 Rebecca Valentine 12 mins read

Telescopic Proof Refinement - Input Output

Telescopic Proof Refinement

In the third post in this series (part 1, part 2) on proof refinement, I'm going to show you how to properly handle bidirectionality in an elegant way. The technique we'll use is the replacement of lists and functions with a data structure called a telescope. This post will use Haskell exclusively, because of the limitations of JavaScript in presenting these things elegantly. I…

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever

28 December 2017 Charles Hoskinson 7 mins read

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever - Input Output

A Crypto on the Edge of Forever

Now that the dust has settled after travelling to more than 20 countries, dozens of conferences, major events and community meet and greets this year, I’ve finally had the time to reflect on the progress of the Cardano project as well as some of the lessons I’ve learned. It’s honestly been the most challenging year of my life, filled with drama, stress, death and some…

Daedalus Wallet launches for Ethereum Classic

The Grothendieck team’s Daedalus integration for the Mantis client is now live

22 December 2017 Jeremy Wood 5 mins read

Daedalus Wallet launches for Ethereum Classic - Input Output

Daedalus Wallet launches for Ethereum Classic

I am pleased to be able to write about the latest release from Team Grothendieck in conjunction with Team Daedalus. It's called the Daedalus release and it combines the functionality of the highly thought out Daedalus Wallet and the Mantis Ethereum Classic Client.

The previous release of the Mantis client was the beta release in August and since then we've been busy both…

IELE: A New Virtual Machine for the Blockchain

Specialized smart contract execution on the blockchain

15 December 2017 Grigore Rosu 8 mins read

IELE- A New Virtual Machine for the Blockchain - Input Output

IELE: A New Virtual Machine for the Blockchain

Runtime Verification (RV) is proud to release their first version of IELE, a new virtual machine for the blockchain.

What is IELE?

IELE is a variant of LLVM specialized to execute smart contracts on the blockchain. Its design, definition and implementation have been done at the highest mathematical standards, following a semantics-first approach with verification of smart…

Simplicity and Michelson

A programming language that is too simple

9 December 2017 Prof Philip Wadler 10 mins read

Simplicity and Michelson - Input Output


Only once in my life have I encountered a programming language that was too simple to use. That was Lispkit Lisp, developed by Peter Henderson, Geraint Jones, and Simon Jones, which I saw while serving as a postdoc at Oxford, 1983–87, and which despite its simplicity was used to implement an entire operating system. It is an indightment of the field of programming…