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Team Grothendieck move closer to ETC goal

Working on the code in Argentina

May 22, 2017
4 min read

It took a little longer than expected but I finally made the trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. In fact, I’m standing at a work desk by the window in Frankfurt airport waiting for my flight back to Dublin. I’m enjoying a gloriously sunny day here through the wall of glass. 

It was another productive trip, a lot has happened since the Team Grothendieck trips to Poland and St Petersburg. In our work to build a Scala client for Ethereum Classic there has been a lot of code written, a lot of understanding gained, and a couple of milestones reached: we now have the ability to download and execute blocks of transactions from the ETC chain. We have also evolved a lot as a team. ETC

The remaining milestones to reach include mining, and the JSON API – to allow Mist and other dapp wallets to use our client. In parallel with that we need to focus on... Read more »

Alan McSherry

Ethereum Classic Developer
Team Grothendieck Manager

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May 12, 2017
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TL;DR You want to avoid the next DAO-like disaster: so you want confidence that the system underpinning your cryptocurrency doesn’t have a hidden flaw that could be triggered at any time and render your assets worthless. To get that confidence you need a high assurance implementation of the system operating your cryptocurrency. Formal methods (mathematical specifications and proofs) are the best way to build high assurance software systems, and that is what we are aiming to do with the software behind the cryptocurrencies we build.

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