Crypto Incubators, Accelerators And Venture Capitalists Rise To The Challenge Of Web3.0 For All Investors

Delivering the Web3.0 vision will require adoption by both retail and institutional investors. The crypto and digital assets sector is on the verge of a paradigm shift with incubators, accelerators and venture capitalists poised to rise to the occasion.

Lawrence Wintermeyer

The Debate Over Whether Omicron Will Make Inflation Worse

There is more than one school of thought on the matter.

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jason Karaian, Sarah Kessler, Stephen Gandel, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni

An experiment: three people, three strategies, three times 500 euros ... Which strategy brings the greatest gain in knowledge?

Jens Tönnesmann

Three people, three strategies, three times 500 euros: This is the ZEIT editorial team's crypto experiment. Which strategy brings the greatest gain in knowledge? The halftime score

Jens Tönnesmann

Explained: How the third-largest cryptocurrency differs from bitcoin and ethereum, and what drove its latest surge

Staff video team

Charles Hoskinson says decentralized technologies offer a compelling potential solution for many of the governance issues affecting the world today

Joanna Ossinger

How sustainable altcoins aim to challenge Bitcoin’s dominance

Mounting questions about cryptocurrencies’ energy consumption are helping to fuel development of sustainable altcoins. (92 kB)

Declan Harty

Hybrid event to be held in-person across six hubs in Africa, Europe, and the US

Darren Parkin

Fear of competition means central bank projects such as Dunbar are already hitting legacy payment companies

Gillian Tett

The billionaire financier Mike Novogratz and William Quigley are among the wealthy individuals who see rich potential in the industry underpinning blockchain

Eva Szalay

‘Merge’ promises to cut Ethereum’s energy consumption by more than 99%, in an attempt to position the blockchain as the big ‘green’ choice for crypto users and developers.

Adam Bluestein

As NFTs and cryptocurrencies grow in daily use, trade, and adoption, so do their significant energy usage, environmental impact, and overall sustainability.

Karen K. Ho

Pilot programme promises blockchain-enabled global financial services


IOHK Announces First Cross-chain Bridge to Cardano from Nervos


Lex Fridman Podcast: A converstion with Charles Hoskinson

Lex Fridman

Bitcoin price surges after Elon Musk says Tesla WILL use the cryptocurrency when crypto miners use clean energy

Jon Lockett

Ethiopia’s blockchain deal is a watershed moment - for the technology, and for Africa

Iwa Salami

Cardano bridges the gap to China by teaming up with Nervos blockchain

Darren Parkin

Cardano to Let Users Create and Execute P2P Financial Agreements

Nicholas Pongratz

Bitcoin rival chia destroyed hard disc supply chains says its boss

Matthew Sparkes

Cryptocurrency goes green: Could "proof of stake" offer a solution to energy concerns?

Ezra Kaplan

Forget Bitcoin why Ethiopias blockchain deal is pivotal

Iwa Salami

Bitcoiners Waving Eco-Friendly Bona Fides Bet on Premium

Olga Kharif and Josh Saul

Exclusive Interview with Cardano's CTO on Decentralization Process, Next Steps and Dogecoin

Rimma Trukhina

L’Ethiopie fait le pari de la blockchain pour accélérer son développement

Martin Vanroelen

Ethiopia's blockchain deal is a watershed moment for the technology and for africa

Iwa Salami

Elon Musk's tweeting sends Bitcoin's value sinking again - but are there bigger forces responsible for the downturn in crypto prices?

Harry Wise

How bad is bitcoin mining for the environment really?

Anthony Cuthbertson

How bad is bitcoin mining for the environment really?

Anthony Cuthbertson

Dogecoin or Ethereum? Which Energy-Efficient Cryptocurrencies Can Tesla Accept as Payment After Shunning Bitcoin?

Manthan Chheda

Musk well-positioned to steer cryptocurrency’s future direction of travel

Richard Waters

Elon Musk says Tesla will no longer accept Bitcoin due to climate change concerns

Emma Clarke

Cardano Surges During $300 Billion Crypto Crash As Musk Eyes Sustainable Bitcoin Alternatives

Jonathan Ponciano

Elon Musk's Tesla has stopped taking bitcoin, but is weighing greener options. Here are 5 tokens it might consider

Harry Robertson

Fall in remittance payments hits Africa

Focus on Africa

Cardano: Using Blockchain to Empower the Next Generation

Lars Brünjes

Cardano Is the Most Rational of the Cryptocurrencies

Joel Baglole

Ethereum emurges from Bitcoin's shadow

Matthew Field

It’s Buffett v bitcoin, but has the Sage of Omaha got it wrong?

David Brenchley

Bitcoin crashes as Elon Musk announces Tesla cars can no longer be bought with cryptocurrency

Adam Smith

Will blockchain revolutionise education in Ethiopia?

Focus on Africa

Ethiopia deploys blockchain in the classroom

Okwi Okoh

Bitcoin bounces back to $58k level, and Ethereum breaks $3K

James Bowater

Cardano Expands Further Into Africa to Streamline Vital Services

Nicholas Pongratz

Ethiopia agrees with blockchain provider to modernize education sector

BBC Amharic

IOHK, Ethiopia Partner to Revamp Education System


Tesla Makes Money (Including From Selling Cars)

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jason Karaian, Sarah Kessler, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni

Ethiopia overhauls its education system with IOHK blockchain partnership

Darren Parkin

Coinbase makes splash on market debut with $99.6bn valuation

Ed Clowes

IOHK will no longer produce blocks on Cardano platform

Brittany Hainzinger

Where Does Crypto Go After Covid?

Steven Ehrlich

Jack Dorsey’s First Tweet Sells For $3 Million In NFT Auction

Adam Smith

How cryptomarkets revolutionised financial freedom

Uneesa Zaman

What’s behind the meteoric rise in obscure cryptocurrency Cardano?

Saloni Sardana

Five Things You Need to Know to Start Your Day

Sam Unsted and Lukas Strobl

Crypto’s Next Big Thing Raises Questions While the Price Surges

Olga Kharif

New Kings of Leon album available as a form of cryptocurrency

Jonathan Greig

Glow programming language brings smart contract simplicity to Cardano


Janet Yellen Drops Hints

Andrew Ross Sorkin, Jason Karaian, Michael J. de la Merced, Lauren Hirsch and Ephrat Livni

How bad is bitcoin for the environment really?

Anthony Cuthbertson

Ethereum Rival Cardano Is Braced For A Big Week Amid Massive Price Rally

Billy Bambrough

Wie das Projekt Catalyst in Cardano Innovationen vorantreibt

Philipp Kant / Peter Schmitz

Regulator gears up for Bitcoin crackdown amid digital coin frenzy

James Titcomb

Surge in Bitcoin energy consumption sparks debate in crypto community

Helen Partz

Bitcoin’s wild ride renews worries about its massive carbon footprint

Ryan Browne

What are smart contracts? Everything you need to know

Aparna Jue

Why knowledge sharing is key to DeFi’s long-term security

Romain Pellerin

Cardano to open up to Ethereum Solidity devs with new initiative

Helen Partz

IOHK announces integration with Wolfram Alpha, in preparation for smart contract roll-out


Nervos and IOHK Join Forces to Make Smart Contracts Safer


IOHK Launches Unique ‘Smart-Contract-Free’ Solution for Tokens on Cardano


First DeFi project on Cardano bridges from Polkadot

Joshua Mapperson

IOHK relaunches Mantis, offering Ethereum Classic community a more secure future


IOHK announces plan to achieve future Cardano smart contract compatibility with all programming languages


Charles Hoskinson: We Need Teamwork in Crypt‪o‬

Matthew A Diemer

If the price is right, value lasts forever

Monty Munford

Ethereum Classic’s MESS Solution Won’t Provide ‘Robust’ Security Against 51% Attacks: Report‬

Sebastian Sinclair

Newly published analysis identifies secure alternatives to current proposal to solve Ethereum Classic’s 51% attack vulnerability


IOHK launches ‘Marlowe Playground’ to lower barriers to entry for smart contract development


Remote working reality - Should businesses ditch the office?‬

Peter Archer, Duncan Jefferies, Sooraj Shah, Tim Cooper, Ben Rossi

SingularityNET set to ditch Ethereum for Cardano citing speed and cost issues

Anupam Varshney

IOHK’s first Mongolian Haskell training course completed, allowing a new generation of blockchain developers to drive structural change in Mongolia


SingularityNET to port a portion of its network to Cardano blockchain


Blockchain-based innovation challenge launched to support United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


IOHK, United Nations Offer $10,000 for Sustainable Blockchain Project‬

Will Heasman

Why online voting will have to wait

Jeff John Roberts

IOHK launches $250k fund, enabling community to realise innovative applications of Cardano


IOHK Is Handing Out $250,000 to Cardano Projects

Scott Chipolina

Charles Hoskinson’s treasury concept is about to get its first real-world test drive with ‘Project Catalyst’

Michael Kapilov

Former Georgian PM: Blockchain is the steam engine of Industry 4.0

Rachel Wolfson

Cardano’s Aparna Jue: "We’re letting the world in to run the network"

Andrew Haywood

Aparna Jue Cardano, USPS Voting on the Blockchain, $6,000,000,000 DeF‪i‬

Matthew Aaron

Blockchain Bites: Plus Token Ponzi Popped, Cardano Forked and tZERO Cut

Daniel Kuhn

People Are Already Building Businesses Around Cardano’s Staking Functionality

Michael Kapilov

Cardano Introduces Proof-of-Stake With ‘Shelley’ Hard Fork

Sebastian Sinclair

Five years in the making: the hard fork to end all hard forks

James Bowater

As Bitcoin Flounders, The Price Of These Smaller Cryptocurrencies Has Suddenly Soared

Billy Bambrough

Blockchain technology will only reach its full potential through industry cooperation

City AM

Happy Bastille Day as Binance turns 3

James Bowater

IOHK and Coinbase Custody sign agreement to allow ada holders to store and stake their investments


IOHK announces it will launch the ‘cFund’ in partnership with Wave Financial Group – the first venture fund to support the adoption of IOHK’s blockchain platforms, including Cardano


IOHK announces it will launch the ‘cFund’ in partnership with Wave Financial Group – the first venture fund to support the adoption of IOHK’s blockchain platforms, including Cardano


IOHK announces launch of Project Atlas to ensure seamless blockchain experience for Cardano users


IOHK develops Atala PRISM solution to broaden global access to services and combat data privacy and security breaches


IOHK makes surprise announcement of pending delivery date for Cardano’s ‘Voltaire’ era


IOHK rolls out Shelley upgrade to Cardano ahead of public participation on the 7th July


Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake for Scaling Blockchains

Frank Edwood

IOHK announces June launch date for start of Shelley roll-out , which makes Cardano the world’s most advanced blockchain platform


IOHK joins Hyperledger to encourage enterprise blockchain adoption and share in consortium’s knowledge and experience


Charles Hoskinson on Crypto Economic Disruption and Cardano (ADA) updates

Financial Fox

A new economy: how a blockchain breakthrough is challenging the subscription economy

James Bowater

Decentralised working: How blockchain is helping IOHK weather Covid-19

Lucy Ingham

Charles Hoskinson: Ethereum Would Be Better if Buterin Used 'Snow White'

Michael Kapilkov

Government issued ‘Corona Bonds’ are inevitable. Could blockchain provide the answer to efficiency and transparency of their issue?

James Bowater

Digital banking trends of 2020

Aggelos Kiayias

Interview with Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson: We Have the Best Product From Every Dimension

Rimma Trukhina

Proof-of-Stake Vs. Proof-of-Work: Which One Is ‘Fairer’?

Andrey Shevchenko

IOHK announces a ‘reboot’ of the Cardano blockchain’s Byron-era codebase, paving the way for Shelley-era decentralization and beyond


Interview with Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson on Bleeding Market Amid COVID-19 And Big Upcoming Byron Reboot

Rimma Trukhina

IOHK Releases Ouroboros Hydra Protocol to Improve Micropayments on Cardano Network

Journalist unknown

IOHK donates $500,000 in cryptocurrency to the University of Wyoming to drive innovative blockchain application


IOHK Refreshes Plutus Playground as Cardano Smart Contracts Rollout Continues


If Bitcoin Fails, Crypto Industry in for a Bad Time: Cardano Founder

Marie Huillet

From Cardano to Ethereum, 2020 Could Be Deciding Year for Proof-of-Stake

Christine Kim

Cardano and New Balance Will Team up to Stop Counterfeit Kicks

John Biggs

New Balance To Use Cardano In Global Supply Chain

Paddy Baker

Charles Hoskinson Interview – From Ethereum To Cardano And IOHK

Kiana Danial

Will Cardano’s simple smart contracts start a stampede?

Adriana Hamacher

IOHK launching improved "Plutus" smart contracts platform

Crypto Ninjas

Cardano Founder Charles Hoskinson Announces Upcoming Release of v1.6

Max Boddy

Ever imagined how the blockchain looks in 3D?

Osato Avan-Nomayo

Cardano (ADA) community gears up for Shelly testnet

John Isige

Georgian Gov’t, IOHK Partner to Develop Blockchain in Education, Ministry Services

Marie Huillet

IOHK announces updated roadmap for Cardano

Priyeshu Garg

Cardano News: IOHK Signs MOU with Mongolian Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association

Ogwu Emmanuel

Cardano Founder Launches Enterprise Blockchain Framework In Collaboration With Ethiopian Government

Rachel Wolfson

CoinCentral at IOHK Summit 2019

Alex Moskov

Cardano Founder Reveals State-Backed Cryptocurrency For Ethiopia

Paddy Baker

Ethereum Cofounder Says Blockchain Presents "Governance Crisis"

Robert Hackett

IOHK Founder Charles Hoskinson Says Crypto Industry Needs More Interoperability

Ana Alexandre

Blockchain Industry Needs "Bluetooth Moment," Expert Says

Chloe Aiello

Cardano CEO and Ethereum Co-Founder Charles Hoskinson, Joins Predictive Analytics Platform Endor, As Senior Advisor

Business Wire

Cardano’s IOHK Hits New Milestone

Adrian Barkley

IOHK Plutus Fest: bringing science to smart contracts technology

FinTech Futures

IOHK launches two new smart contract tools for Cardano blockchain

Crypto Ninjas

Hoskinson: Satoshi Did “An Amazing Thing”…But There Are Lessons to Learn

Justin O'Connell

Cardano Launches Rust Project to Entice Third-Party Developers

Amy Castor

Can blockchain help the legalized marijuana industry?

Kathryn Kyte

A $3.3 Billion Claim: Has Cardano's Blockchain 'Solved' Proof-of-Stake?

Rachel Rose O'Leary

Hiring for the Blockchain Revolution: How To Create an Expert Team

Tamara Haasen



東工大の27歳ブラジル人特任助教が挑む“次”のブロックチェーン ── 密着イスラエル暗号会議


ブロックチェーンはアフリカの貧困を減らせるか? —— テクノロジーが解決する社会課題

Blockchain Takes the Stage at Flagship Cryptography Conference in Israel

Amy Castor


Meet the crusader who is trying to convince the world that cryptocurrency is necessary

Chris Carter

Where Coffee Just Grows: Connecting Ethiopian Agritech to the Blockchain

Amy Castor

Fostering the Next Generation: A Growing Need for Crypto Education

Lars Brünjes

IOHK Conducts Haskell Training Crypto Course in Barbados

Maryam Manzoor

Cardano: a rising cryptocurrency that wants to change the world

Stan Schroeder

Sidechains: Why These Researchers Think They Solved a Key Piece of the Puzzle

Amy Castor

Bitcoin as art: This breath-taking visualization might distract you from the dip

Tristan Greene

What Is ADA Worth? How Cardano Futures Compare To Bitcoin Futures

Leigh Cuen

Cardano Blockchain's First Use Case: Proof of University Diplomas in Greece

Amy Castor

Crypto Watch: Cardano (ADA) Price Leaps 117% in 22 Hours, Surging Past IOTA with $10.4B Market Cap

Jesse Damiani

Looking at the next stage of blockchain systems

Blockchain Funding: How It Can Help Companies Win The Innovation Race

Roger Aitken

400% Gains in a Week: Mysterious Cardano Token Skyrockets to Billions

Francisco Memoria

ICO Pros Call for Self-Regulation Citing SEC Risk

Aaron Stanley

Goodbye Bugs? How Formal Verification Could Fortify Smart Contracts

Amy Castor

More Blockchain Ready Developers Needed. IOHK Trains Students In Haskell Code

Rebecca Campbell

Next-Generation Virtual Machine Sets Future Standard Blockchain Development

U.S. SEC Warns Over Crypto ICO's & 'Potentially Unlawful' Celebrity Promotion

Roger Aitken

Initial Coin Offerings: A look at the future of the latest investing trend

Kevin Dolak

ICOs explained: How the controversial funding vehicles setting the VC world ablaze work

Seema Mody | George Manessis

IOHK Launches Cardano Blockchain; Ada Now Trading on Bittrex

Amy Castor

IOHK Launches Cardano Blockchain; Ada Now Trading on Bittrex

Amy Castor

Filling the Demand: Cryptocurrency Job Postings Set to Triple From 2016

Benjamin Vitaris

'Sci-Fi' Crypto ICOs Versus 'Real-Business' ICOs & Breaking Down The Hype

Roger Aitken

At Major Crypto Conference, Blockchain Projects Tighten Security With Math

Amy Castor

IOHK collaboration produces formal semantics for Ethereum Virtual Machine

Tony Zerucha

IOHK CEO Hoskinson Sees Bright Future for Bitcoin

Ethereum Co-Founder Says Crypto Coin Market Is a Time-Bomb

IOHK’s proof-of-stake blockchain protocol accepted at Crypto 2017

Hong Kong based IOHK invests in university research lab

No Incentive? Algorand Blockchain Sparks Debate at Cryptography Event

Amy Castor

Beyond Bitcoin - IOHK and University of Edinburgh establish Blockchain Technology Laboratory

Beyond Bitcoin: Blockchain R&D Firm Investing $1M+ In Scottish University Tech Lab

Roger Aitken

Tokyo Tech and Input Output HK create the Cryptocurrency Collaborative Research Chair

Edinburgh University Partners with IOHK on Blockchain Research Hub

Stan Higgins

The University of Edinburgh is launching a blockchain research lab with one of the cofounders of Ethereum

Oscar Williams-Grut

Blockchain believers hold fast to a utopian vision

Jane Wild

Has This Ethereum Classic Developer Solved Proof of Stake?

Aaron van Wirdum

Central banks explore blockchain to create digital currencies

Jane Wild

Ex-Ethereum CEO: Foundation Should Not Intervene to Save The DAO

Stan Higgins