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IOHK is a company focused on decentralization and disruption, and the people that enable us to do so are no exception either. With operations in Hong Kong, Japan and Eastern Europe, and employees and partners from Latvia, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil in addition to its multinational core members, IOHK is a truly global company despite its small, overall size and short history.

We not only aim to cause disruption with our technology, but also with the way we organize a group of talented and motivated people around the same vision and passion.


We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join our team, and more importantly to collaborate with. Our goal is to cause cascading disruptions and there are many ways to be a part of it. If you feel like you have something to contribute, whether directly to IOHK or one of its projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Engineering Director



Full time


IOHK is searching for an experienced Engineering Director to work closely with our CTO to provide technical leadership to our projects. You will also be responsible for the day-to day leadership of a team of engineers and therefore will have strong personal skills and people leadership experience. You will lead complex, multi-disciplinary engineering projects using your engineering expertise. You not only optimize your own code but make sure engineers are able to optimize theirs.


IOHK is a fully distributed organization and therefore this is a remote position. Applicants will be considered from any time zone.

Your mission

  • As Engineering Director you manage your project goals, contribute to product strategy and help develop your team. Software engineering teams work across the company, in areas such as distributed computing, system design, networking, security, and user interface design.
  • Re-prioritizing our engineering organization goals and aligning them to IOHK company goals.
  • Working closely with software engineers, QA, product managers and other engineering teams to get high-quality products and features through the software project lifecycle (build, test, and release on time).
  • Working closely with the Product Management, Project Management, DevOps and Executive teams to deliver the product roadmap and strategy.
  • Working with the Director of Cybersecurity to implement security standards within the development process.
  • Working with the Director of Cryptographic Engineering to implement cryptography best practices within products.

Your expertise

  • 20+ years of experience building and leading teams of software engineers (100-200 people strong) on large projects.
  • Experience of delivering successfully within fast-paced timelines and managing multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Strong people leadership experience. You will have worked with teams and individuals to develop their expertise and career while taking account of their daily working environment.
  • Experience in engineering critical distributed systems (payment, mechanics, transportation, healthcare, emergency systems, security, defense, etc).
  • Understanding of blockchain research including data privacy, confidential transactions, sidechains and pegging, sharding, lightning, and other scaling methodologies.
  • Experience and understanding of major consensus protocols, asymmetric encryption, Merkle trees, hash functions, and key-value databases.
  • Strong understanding of the cryptographic principles and data dependencies underpinning blockchain technologies.