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IOHK is a company focused on decentralization and disruption, and the people that enable us to do so are no exception either. With operations in Hong Kong, Japan and Eastern Europe, and employees and partners from Latvia, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Ukraine, Argentina and Brazil in addition to its multinational core members, IOHK is a truly global company despite its small, overall size and short history.

We not only aim to cause disruption with our technology, but also with the way we organize a group of talented and motivated people around the same vision and passion.


We are always looking for talented and motivated people to join our team, and more importantly to collaborate with. Our goal is to cause cascading disruptions and there are many ways to be a part of it. If you feel like you have something to contribute, whether directly to IOHK or one of its projects, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Governance Product Manager



Full time


Governance Product Manager


As a Governance Product Manager at IOHK you will be responsible for the strategic vision, conceptualization, design, build, deployment and performance measurement of this research area. To be successful in this role you will have the ability to understand the needs of the customers, research being conducted in this breakthrough area and the ability to translate both into requirements, ensuring that concepts get fully executed into product offerings that achieve a defined business outcome.



  • Literature reviews on governance
  • Voting: Work with our delegated/liquid democracy team, to understand and document status/progress of completed research
  • Review what competitors are currently working on. 
  • Identify what questions we should be asking to establish this type of process, and what types of consultants the CF should bring in for a committee 
  • Tooling ecosystem; voting experience, participation experience

Product & Market:

  • Cardano Improvement process, compare all that is in market-related to this, what are its strengths, and weaknesses. Identify how many BIPs made it into bitcoin 
  • Work with the Cardano Foundation to build the CIP Process (Cardano improvement proposal process): 
    •  Research understand BIP, EIP and other improvement processes.
    •  Voting, incentivized participation, packaging proposals etc. 
  • Concept / product definition
  • Converting research into a prototype and then into customer requirements 
  • Oversight of product development 
  • Go-to-market plan 
  • Lead and manage a cross functional team


  • As Leaders, it is our duty to embody IOHK company values and lead by example to motivate, develop and progress our fellow team members 
  • You will work with HR to attract the best talent to the business, preparing requisitions for hiring, interviewing and working closely with recruitment during the hiring process
  • Onboarding new team members to IOHK 
  • You are responsible for ensuring that twice yearly performance reviews are carried out for all team members (this requires filling in a form via our HRIS and completing a 1:1 call to discuss the responses of the individual, yourself and peers) 
  • Approving leave and sick leave via our HRIS
  • You will communicate openly with all members of your team, address any issues / training requirements head on and not shy away from difficult conversations 
  • Work with individual team members on their work related and personal goal setting and ensure that these are aligned with the overall team/company strategy
  • Supporting your team with career development and identifying training needs
  • Coaching and mentoring individuals as required
  • Discussing with HR promotions / changes of role / terminations and participating in once yearly salary reviews for all individuals in your team

Key Competencies

  • Strong research & planning skills
  • Deep understanding of blockchain 
  • Experience in Product Management and product orientated
  • An entrepreneurial mindset in order to build a business case around market opportunities.
  • A collaborator with a passion for Product Management, excellent technical & communication skills
  • Ability to work quickly yet precisely 
  • A healthy interest in complexity theory and decentralized governance 

Education / Experience 

  • Proven experience in research 
  • Well read in subject area (Data consumer)
  • Previous experience liaising with reputable institutions such as the Santa Fe Institute 
  • A background in Engineering, Sociology / Science