Bidirectional proof refinement

16 March 2017 Rebecca Valentine 18 mins read

Bidirectional proof refinement - Input Output

In my last blog post, we looked at the very basics of proof refinement systems. I noted at the end that there was a big drawback of the systems as shown, namely that information flows only in one direction: from the root of a proof tree to the leaves. In this post, we'll see how to get information to flow in the opposite direction as well. The code for this blog post can be…

Proof refinement basics

7 March 2017 Rebecca Valentine 19 mins read

Proof Refinement Basics - Input Output

Proof refinement basics

In this blog post, I'm going to discuss the overall structure of a proof refinement system. Such systems can be used for implementing automatic theorem provers, proof assistants, and type checkers for programming languages. The proof refinement literature is either old or hard to understand, so this post, and subsequent ones on the same topic, will present it in a more casual…

Thoughts on an ontology of smart contracts

6 March 2017 Charles Hoskinson 6 mins read

Thoughts on an ontology of smart contracts - Input Output

Thoughts on an ontology of smart contracts

The concept of smart contracts has grown considerably since the birth of Ethereum. We've seen an explosion of interdisciplinary research and experimentation bundling legal, social, economic, cryptographic and even philosophical concerns into a rather strange milieu of tokenized intellect. Yet despite this digital cambrian explosion of thought, there seems to be a lack of a…

Centralized cryptocurrencies

5 March 2017 Alexander Chepurnoy 6 mins read

Centralized cryptocurrencies - Input Output

Centralized cryptocurrencies

This article is inspired by my recent visit to a blockchain technology conference and my discussions with colleagues about ideas to improve blockchain. Most of the conference speakers were from big Russian banks and their talks were about blockchain use cases, mainly as databases or smart contract platforms. However, none of the speakers were able to answer the question, ‘why…

Scotland and Japan launch IOHK's research network

28 February 2017 Jeremy Wood 4 mins read

Scotland and Japan launch IOHKs research network - Input Output

L-R: Nikos Bentenitis, IOHK Chief Operating Officer; Aggelos Kiayias, IOHK Chief Scientist; Charles Hoskinson, IOHK Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder; Johanna Moore, Head of the School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh; Jon Oberlander, Assistant Principal for Data Technology, University of Edinburgh Research is at the core of what IOHK does so I am extremely proud of…