Ouroboros Praos presented at leading cryptography conference, Eurocrypt

Proof-of-stake protocol offers same security guarantees as Bitcoin

17 May 2018 Jane Wild 4 mins read

In the area of blockchain research proof of stake has long posed many questions for cryptographers and the subject has been of primary importance for IOHK researchers over the past two years. Professor Aggelos Kiayias, Chief Scientist at IOHK, has led work with a team of cryptographers to formalise a family of protocols called Ouroboros. It is a great distinction for their…

A Cardano technical talk in Hamburg

Philipp Kant and Lars Brünjes explain incentives, stake pools and formal methods

14 May 2018 Jane Wild 8 mins read

Cardano is a project that is unique in its vision, scope and design, and its world-class team is working at the frontier of computer science. As development progresses we're contacted on a daily basis by people from all around the world who want to learn more, and so IOHK was pleased to make its first trip to Germany recently to talk about Cardano. Dr Lars Brünjes and Dr…

Daedalus Mantis 1.1 Released for Ethereum Classic

Software update delivers performance improvements

30 April 2018 Jeremy Wood 5 mins read

Daedalus Mantis 1.1 Released for Ethereum Classic

It's the end of April and it already feels like a long time since February, when we announced version 1.0 of Mantis, our Ethereum Classic client built in Scala. After the success of Mantis 1.0 some of the Grothendieck team got temporarily drafted onto other projects. That, coupled with the two-month full-time Haskell training course some of the team were on earlier this year…

A Brief Update on Cardano Development

Processes are evolving under the project management team

9 April 2018 Charles Hoskinson 10 mins read

A Brief Update on Cardano Development

After returning from my yearly global sojourn, I wanted to update the Cardano community on the status of the project. Since the beginning of the year a lot has happened. Cardano continues to grow at a rapid pace and the project is evolving into a new stage. The Byron release back in September of 2017 was an experiment for IOHK. It's the first cryptocurrency we have launched as…

Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados

Two graduates share their experience of IOHK's functional programming course

7 April 2018 Lars Brünjes 7 mins read

Haskell and Cryptocurrency Course in Barbados

The IOHK Haskell and Cryptocurrency course in Barbados brought together students and professionals who were interested in learning the Haskell programming language. The course ran for eight weeks at the University of West Indies. Barbados was the second time the programme was offered, after a successful inaugural course held in Athens last year. The goal of the course is to…