Bringing Glow to Cardano

We just spun up a devnet to support Glow, the very latest language Cardano will support. We talked to its creator about building a DSL for DApp development.

26 February 2021 Eric Czuleger 7 mins read

Bringing Glow to Cardano

At the end of 2020, we announced our devnets plan to support the longer-term strategic goal of opening up Cardano to multiple development languages – as outlined in the ‘‘Island, Ocean, Pond’ video. This week, building on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, we’re rolling out a new development environment to support the Glow language.

François-René Rideau of Mutual Knowledge Systems is…

Babel fees - denominating transaction costs in native tokens

Introducing a novel mechanism that allows the payment of transaction fees in user-defined tokens on Cardano

25 February 2021 Prof Aggelos Kiayias 8 mins read

Babel fees - denominating transaction costs in native tokens

In Douglas Adams' classic The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a Babel fish is a creature that allows you to hear any language translated into your own. This fantasy of universal translation ensures meaningful interaction despite the myriad different languages in the galaxy. 

In the cryptocurrency space, smart contract platforms enable the development of a myriad custom tokens…

Building native tokens on Cardano for pleasure and profit

New capabilities will allow users to choose simple and powerful tools to bring their assets to life on Cardano

18 February 2021 Tim Harrison 9 mins read

Building native tokens on Cardano for pleasure and profit

With the ‘Mary’ protocol upgrade, which will be implemented using our hard fork combinator technology, native tokens and multi-asset capability are coming to Cardano.

On February 3, we upgraded the Cardano public testnet to ‘Mary’ for final testing. We plan to deploy the Cardano update proposal to mainnet on February 24, which would therefore deploy ahead of the boundary of…

Our million-dollar baby: Project Catalyst

The next Catalyst funding round will be our most accessible and ambitious round of funding yet

12 February 2021 Dor Garbash 3 mins read

Our million-dollar baby: Project Catalyst

We launched Project Catalyst six months ago as a series of experiments to advance on-chain governance and accelerate community-driven innovation on Cardano. The project seeks to achieve the highest levels of community collaboration and to seed the best ideas with development funding via a community-moderated process. Community, innovation, funding, value, growth – Catalyst…

Decentralizing social media: a conversation with Ben Goertzel and Charles Hoskinson

The minds behind SingularityNET and Cardano come together to explore a vision of the future of decentralization, AI, and social media.

5 February 2021 Eric Czuleger 57 mins read

At the end of 2020, we announced our collaboration with SingularityNET, in an exclusive fireside chat between Charles Hoskinson and SingularityNET founder & CEO, Ben Goertzel. 

SingularityNET recently shared further information on the partnership when they announced their exciting Phase Two initiative, which includes a shift from Ethereum to Cardano, to achieve new network…