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IOG appoints talented individuals to 3 key positions

8 December 2022 Ivan Irakoze 4 mins read

IOG appoints talented individuals to 3 key positions

Input Output Global (IOG) is proud to welcome two new hires and announce one promotion:

  • Dr. Vanishree Rao, head of applied cryptography
  • Sabina Begum, creative director
  • Arnaud Bailly, promoted to head of architecture for Cardano

IOG is a prominent blockchain research and engineering company, best known for building the Cardano blockchain.

This article delves into these individuals’ academic and professional backgrounds, offering insight into the caliber of the organization’s staff and their critical contribution to achieving IOG’s goals.

Dr. Vanishree Rao’s cryptography experience

Dr. Rao holds a PhD in cryptography from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). During her course, Dr. Rao wrote a thesis that solved a problem regarding multi party non-interactive key exchange (NIKE). She also co-authored papers on multiparty computationzero-knowledge proofs, and more.

Dr. Rao recently worked as the lead cryptographer at O(1) Labs where she helped build the Mina Protocol. Mina is a privacy-focused blockchain based on Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge (zkSNARKs).

She has also held high-level cryptography roles including senior cryptographer at Intertrust Technologies, and research scientist at Xerox PARC where she worked on government-funded and industry-need-driven projects.

Dr. Rao is a technical adviser to various blockchain projects, including Horizen Labs, Space and Time, and Berkeley Blockchain Xcelerator.

At IOG, Dr. Rao works on the practical application of existing research, building out further published works, and developing IOG’s zero-knowledge proof expertise.

“At IOG, there is so much bleeding edge research being absorbed in development. Everyone is astonishingly smart and kind. The analogy that keeps coming to my mind is that I am immersed in a sea of my favorite knowledge.” – Dr. Vanishree Rao

Sabina Begum’s marketing and strategy acumen

Sabina graduated from Brunel University London with a bachelor’s degree in multimedia technology and design. She is skilled in corporate and brand identity, digital and social media marketing, mobile-first creation, strategy, digital, UI, UX, and motion graphics.

Sabina is a multifaceted executive creative director who has worked for a wide range of organizations including Meta, Dentsu Aegis Network, Isobar, Cheil, and Noisy Beast.

Sabina leads IOG’s Design team, bringing her expertise from adtech to develop the organization’s products.

“I am excited to bring my expertise from the adtech world and lead IOG’s Marcomms Creative team to develop groundbreaking works. I want to bridge the gap between engineering, product, creative, and marketing to create synergy and profoundly inspiring works. I believe IOG can lead the industry in creating products that improve people’s lives.” - Sabina Begum

Arnaud Bailly’s developer background

Arnaud has worked at IOG since March 2021 and holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology. He is an experienced software engineer and developer skilled in:

  • Functional programming (Haskell, Clojure)
  • Agile software development practices (XP)
  • Finance and fintech
  • Permissioned and public blockchains
  • Java and some distributed systems, and more

Arnaud started developing software professionally in 1994, and coding in Haskell in the early 2000s. He has worked as a consultant, lead dev, CTO, advisor, architect, and coach in organizations such as Murex, Capital Match, Symbiont, and Solina Group.

In his promoted role, Arnaud helps the Haskell team design, implement, and maintain the core technical components of the Cardano network within IOG.

“IOG and the Cardano community have built a rich and diverse ecosystem, based on cutting-edge research and advanced technology. I am happy and proud to contribute to Cardano’s Core technology, and work with a team of talented and dedicated individuals.” – Arnaud Bailly

Consider working at IOG

IOG is fully decentralized, remote-working, and committed to the highest principles of academic rigor and evidence-based software development. The organization aims to make collaboration between diverse people fun, exciting, and always rewarding.

IOG’s goal is to become best-in-class by giving its staff the opportunity, resources, and support to continually deliver their finest work.

Apply for a role today to work with some exceptionally talented and friendly individuals, and help IOG build high-assurance blockchain products for public and private sector clients.