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Layer 1 & Layer 2: all you need to know

When discussing blockchain architecture, the terms 'layer 1' and 'layer 2' are frequently mentioned. These are important concepts that serve two purposes: explain how a blockchain network is built, and provide an easy-to-understand visual representation of what a blockchain network looks like. Let's break these ideas down

5 August 2022 Fernando Sanchez 13 mins read

Layer 1 & Layer 2: all you need to know

Layer 1: definition

Imagine a wedding cake, with different tiers -layers, if you will-, and the figurine of a couple on top. That beautiful cake rests on a solid stand, the base. For all intents and purposes, that robust and solid cake stand is the first layer (layer 1) that supports the cake infrastructure. You can probably see where this is going. In a blockchain, layer 1 is…