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Orion to bring one-stop crypto marketplace to Cardano

The new collab aims to make mainstream buying and selling digital assets as easy as traditional finance

23 June 2021 Eric Czuleger 3 mins read

Orion to bring one-stop crypto marketplace to Cardano

While blockchain industry growth continues to make headlines and cryptocurrencies have become a lightning rod for new investors, the road to true mainstream adoption continues. Market fluctuations, conflicting media narrative and a lack of understanding are partially to blame but one important hurdle has stopped many would-be crypto investors; digital assets are simply hard to buy.

Orion Protocol aims to be the first decentralized gateway to the whole digital asset market which aggregates liquidity across both decentralized and centralized exchanges as well as swap platforms. The ultimate goal is to create a one-stop-shop for buying and selling on the blockchain, pushing crypto towards mainstream adoption by providing a single, non-custodial point of access for crypto traders on all major exchanges. Furthermore, it is exploring a future where digital assets like NFTs can be accessed as easily as the traditional financial market. Ultimately, Orion seeks to bring together all markets for all investors. Once fully operational, accessing NFTs and cryptocurrencies will be as easy as buying stocks and commodities. 

Orion CMO, Timothea Horwell, joins us on this month’s Cardano360 show to share the company’s plans to integrate Cardano into their trading terminal. This terminal pioneers a way for all people to access major crypto exchanges without the difficulty of extensive know-your-customer (KYC) and anti-money-laundering (AML) checks. On top of making it easier to onboard new investors, Orion’s trading terminal also makes certain that investors are getting the best price across exchanges.

Later this year, Cardano users will be able to access Orion’s decentralized gateway to buy and sell assets on the wider crypto market. In the longer term, Orion is working to include both traditional financial and NFT marketplaces on its platform. Throughout this year NFTs have risen considerably in terms of value, adoption, and public understanding due to landmark digital art sales like Beeple’s ‘Everydays’ which fetched $69 million at auction. Ultimately, the need for a robust and scalable blockchain which can incorporate a rapidly advancing marketplace while incorporating traditional investors led Orion to IOHK and Cardano.

‘Scalability is of critical importance to Orion in order to achieve widespread adoption,” said Horwell.’ To become the single point of access to the digital asset market, we need a robust, scalable infrastructure that can effectively and efficiently handle the transactions that occur on such a platform.”

Orion’s one-stop-shop will debut in the near future. Meanwhile, you can learn more about them on their official website or hear more on our monthly update. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and join us tomorrow for the next installment of Cardano360.