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IOHK sponsors new Haskell Foundation

Independent, open, non-profit body will support tools, libraries, education, and research

4 November 2020 Moritz Angermann 2 mins read

IOHK sponsors new Haskell Foundation

Simon Peyton Jones has just announced the launch of the Haskell Foundation at the Haskell eXchange virtual conference. The foundation is an independent, open, non-profit organization dedicated to broadening the adoption of the Haskell language, by supporting its ecosystem of tools, libraries, education, and research.

IOHK is one of the first sponsors of the Haskell Foundation…

Getting to grips with metadata on Cardano

Adding information about transactions is a powerful tool for companies and developers

3 November 2020 Alan McSherry 5 mins read

Getting to grips with metadata on Cardano

In a previous post, Bringing new value and utility to the Cardano blockchain, I discussed the notion of transaction metadata. I also explained why this is crucial to Cardano’s Goguen evolution as a utility platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) operations.

There are many potential uses for metadata. With that in mind, IOHK has been working to ensure that both developers and…