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Why we are joining Hyperledger

Collaboration is central to fostering industry development and enterprise blockchain adoption.

11 June 2020 Romain Pellerin 3 mins read

Why we are joining Hyperledger

A community's overall success largely depends on its ability to collaborate. How its members interact with each other, how they share knowledge to find new avenues of development, and how open they are to embrace innovation and novel technologies will determine the community's long-term viability.

One of IOHK’s founding principles is its belief in nurturing a collaborative ecosystem for blockchain development. Our commitment to knowledge-sharing and to our deeply-held principles of open-source serves as the rationale behind becoming a member of the Hyperledger community.

IOHK understands and fosters the principles of building its own blockchain technologies, while simultaneously partnering with other enterprises - all driven by the shared goal of driving forward blockchain adoption. We want to share what we have learned, build partnerships, and combine expertise to solve enterprise challenges across multiple industries for the benefit of all.

Becoming part of the Hyperledger Community: What it means for IOHK

Blockchain is a rapidly developing technology. But its sheer versatility has demonstrated an unparalleled potential for innovation across multiple sectors. We are now entering the next phase of maturity with the creation of enterprise ecosystems to support novel projects that leverage decentralization.

Hyperledger focuses on developing a suite of robust frameworks, tools, and libraries for enterprise-grade blockchain deployments, serving as a collaborative platform for various distributed ledger frameworks.

IOHK is joining Hyperledger to contribute to its growing suite of blockchain projects while employing the Hyperledger umbrella to provide visibility and share components of IOHK's interoperable framework. Through this collaborative effort, we want to foster and accelerate collective innovation and industrial adoption of blockchain technologies.

Why we are joining Hyperledger

Hyperledger includes more than 250 member companies, including many industry leaders in finance, banking, technology, and others. Becoming a part of this consortium enables us to do two things: (1) to collaborate and build synergies with others in this community, and (2) to refine our products for further interoperability. By doing so, we hope to encourage the co-development of our protocols and products, in line with our open-source development philosophy.

We are keen to gain a deeper understanding of specific enterprise requirements from all these projects, so we can construct better products and attune our offering more accurately. We want to help shape the future of the enterprise blockchain ecosystem by leveraging blockchain technology for a more decentralized economy - both through the products and solutions we engineer, and everything that this framework represents. We believe that this collaborative spirit will drive innovation and adoption of blockchain over the next decade, and beyond.