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How we test Cardano

The importance of testing our cryptocurrency systems

30 August 2017 Duncan Coutts 8 mins read

How we test Cardano - Input Output

How we test Cardano

Testing is of course critically important to a cryptocurrency because the correctness and robustness of the system are what you rely on to keep your money safe, and ensure that you can spend it when you need to. So as you would expect, as our development team is getting ready for the Cardano mainnet release, testing is one of the main things that is on our minds.

There are many…

Ouroboros at Crypto 2017

IOHK presents first provably secure proof of stake algorithm at flagship event

24 August 2017 Jane Wild 3 mins read

Ouroboros at Crypto 2017 - Input Output

Developing a secure proof of stake algorithm is one of the big challenges in cryptocurrency, and a proposed solution to this problem won the attention of the academic community this week in California. Several hundred cryptographers from around the world arrived at the University of California Santa Barbara on Sunday for the flagship annual event of their field, Crypto 201…

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release

A command line interface client for the ETC community

8 August 2017 Jeremy Wood 4 mins read

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release - Input Output

Mantis – Ethereum Classic Beta Release

We are excited to announce that there is now an Ethereum (ETH) client built specifically for the Ethereum Classic (ETC) community. The release of this beta client, Mantis, will take place today and is the culmination of seven months of work by the Grothendieck Team, the IOHK developers dedicated to Ethereum Classic. There are three reasons for the client. First, IOHK wants to…

Cardano: Resilient and Scalable by Design

System performance engineering so DevOps may soundly sleep

3 August 2017 Peter Thompson 10 mins read

Cardano Resilient and Scalable by Design - Input Output

What we expect from traditional providers of financial services such as banks is both security (my money is safe) and responsiveness (I can move my money in and out at will in a timely fashion). The days when banks delivered such services using legions of clerks writing in double-entry ledgers are long gone – nowadays it’s all done by software, and so the security and…